New Orleans Wedding Photographers // Lynne + Jesus Wedding Day

Bridal Prep Location:  The Fairfax House The ceremony took place at the bride's parents home in Franklin, Louisiana right on Bayou Teche.  We were way down on the bayou, quite a distance from Lynne and Jesus' current residence in Los Angeles, California.  The setting could not have been more beautiful.  Being on the bayou, we did encounter high heat, humidity and mosquitos that were straight out of Jurassic Park!  Nothing could take away from the beauty that encompassed us as the day progressed.  The sugar cane fields and the water way that surrounded us made it a wedding photographer's dream and I cannot thank Lynne and Jesus enough for being willing to push the creative envelope with me, whilst coating ourselves with Off bug spray and continually wiping sweat off of their brows :)  This is truly a wedding that I will never forget!







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