Kristen and Kevin's Wedding

Kristen and Kevin's wedding day took place on May 15, 2009 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter.  The ceremony was very intimate in the courtyard of the hotel where family and close friends came from out of town to be part of their wedding day.  Being from out of town, the bride and groom were determined to be photographed walking around the French Quarter after the ceremony, which is always fun for me.  They were very comfortable in front of the camera and enjoyed every minute of our post ceremony photo shoot.  It was awesome watching pedestrians treat Kristen and Kevin like movie stars, stopping traffic for us as well as inviting us up onto a private balcony for photo ops. The cake was like something I've never seen before.  Kevin told me the name of it...something french..anyway check it out!  The night ended with all attendants doing a second line through the Quarter complete with a police escort and a jazz band to lead.