NEW ORLEANS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS // Dawn + Daryl's Engagement Session

When I first met Dawn and Daryl to discuss photographing their engagement session and wedding day,  I knew this was not going to be a "typical" photo shoot.  For starters, Daryl relayed to me that he was a member of the 610 Stompers and Dawn was a member of the 610 Splits.   Being from New Orleans, I knew all about the Stompers and the Splits so I couldn't wait to shoot this session!  A little history on the Stompers, they were formed in 2009 and have performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade twice and the Kentucky Derby parade once as well as numerous Mardi Gras parades and charity events around the city and surrounding areas.  The Stompers have grown to nearly 200 members and come from all walks of life.  For more information about the 610 Stompers and the 610 Splits, visit their website.  

 The Fly in Audubon Park was the perfect setting for shooting their engagement session.  I was excited to see the Stompers "bread truck" parked at the riverfront; needless to say this unique truck was the perfect prop for these two! 

Daryl has been a Stomper for 3 years and Dawn, a member of the Splits for 2 years.  This crazy couple have been together for 9 years.   

Their wedding is set to take place at Stella Plantation on October 14, 2017,  which is located in Braithwaite, Louisiana.