Bridal Prep Location:  The Fairfax House The ceremony took place at the bride’s parents home in Franklin, Louisiana right on Bayou Teche.  We were way down on the bayou, quite a distance from Lynne and Jesus’ current residence in Los Angeles, California.  The setting could not have been more beautiful.  Being on the bayou, we did encounter high heat, […]

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  • Lynne and Jesus

    Steve!!! We just can’t believe how vividly and beautifully you were able to capture these moments. Since you have linked us to this post, we’ve looked at these pictures over and over (no less than six times over the span of a late evening) and every time we look, we always go between cracking up laughing and having a few quiet beats reminiscing–you were able to capture exact moments and feelings for us so accurately! We are so fully brought back to those magical hours of our wedding that we would never want to forget, and we will now always be able to remember.

    You are simply pure magic, Steve! We know we said this earlier, but we cannot emphasize enough that we feel you infused these pictures with the joy we felt that day. We cannot thank you enough for that! The love for your craft is plainly evident when working with you; and it translates spectacularly into your photos–this is especially wonderful when we are the happy beneficiaries of your talent. :)

    Thank you for everything! We are also glad to be able to say we made some new photographer friends who are pretty hardcore putting up with 90 degree heat and 100% humidity on top all the buggie critters that just wanted to hang out with us. All.Night.Long. Haha!!

  • Lisa Bergeron

    Love these pictures! They capture the true essence of how my sister and her husbandare. Perfect photographer for their perfect day (minus the humidity).

Trisha and Danny were engaged, lived in Florida, and decided to have a little New Orleans vacation last month.  Trisha contacted me, not knowing the wedding date, but wanted to have some good ole Nawlins images taken while they were here.  Trisha and Danny were very comfortable in front of the camera and were great […]

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  • Trisha

    We had sooo much fun doing this shoot and Steve was able to capture it flawlessly! We gave him some ideas of our style and everything prospered from there. He embraced our ideas and took them to the next level. We couldn’t be happier with how our photos turned out! I ended up picking out 83 favorites! We have even talked about flying him to our wedding destination (if we ever pick a date).

  • Brittany Muth

    As a recent transplant to West Palm Beach from New Orleans, Trisha and Daniel have made the transition into a wholesome home-away-from-home. Steve Randon has captured their personalities, love and sensuality with grace by highlighting the urban, abandoned, forgetten, and missed New Orleans only the few will know. “Do you know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?”

  • Erica

    Very nice

  • Carmel

    As a transplanted New Orleanian and best friend to Trisha for many years, I think these pictures capture the best of her & Danny in the city we all three love so dearly. I was worried because I knew how cold and rainy it had been when they arrived in town but despite the cold and their thin Florida blood, the pictures are perfectly amazing! xoxo

Bridal Prep :  W Hotel, New Orleans, LA. Ceremony & Reception :  Republic, New Orleans, LA.    

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  • LeeAnna

    A tremendous thank you to Steve for an incredible job with our photography!

    From being an absolute pleasure to meet and work with, having fabulous communication, adding a totally positive vibe to such a huge role on our wedding day, making everyone look as amazing as possible, to being a top-to-bottom excellent photographer, Steve is fantastic.

    We’re love the photos and are so happy to have had Steve be a part of our wedding day!

  • Julia

    What wonderful photos, Steve! You really captured the fun, excitement and – dare i say it? – swagger of the evening. I’m sure LeeAnna and David will cherish these photos for many, many years to come.

  • Judith

    Steve Randon! Thank you for capturing the heart and spirit of David and LeeAnna’s wedding day. Your calm and professional manner added to the absolute delight of the day’s events. These photos are all together lovely and beautifully document a day that feels nearly magical in our family’s history.
    It was perfect! Thanks and we appreciate you and your art!